About us

Why Fairtrade matters to Macclesfield

We would like to see our home town acknowledge its place within the global community and interact with that community in a fair and responsible way, free from the exploitation of others, wherever they live.

But don’t just take our word for it, have a look what the Fairtrade Foundation has to say about the benefits of buying Fairtrade.

Group photo St Kilda Harris Barnaby 150Fairtrade supporters getting ready to take part in the ‘Earth’ section of the Barnaby parade, 2012

What is a Fairtrade Town?

A Fairtrade Town is one that:

  • Supports Fairtrade and helps to raise awareness and understanding of the benefits Fairtrade brings.
  • Takes action by choosing Fairtrade products whenever possible and encourages other people and places to do so as well.
  • Achieves and continues to take action on the five Fairtrade Town goals set by the Fairtrade Foundation.

fairtrade town certificate2Our current Fairtrade Town certificate

Proud to be a Fairtrade Town