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Fairtrade fortnight – Raising the bar in cocoa

On the 9th March, the Macclesfield community got together to Raise the Bar in Cocoa, and talk about the benefits Fairtrade brings to cocoa growing communities.

A year 2 student from Ash Grove was awarded the best Fairtrade poster in our annual display and local Fairtrader Karen Downard shared here her experiences of visiting cocoa farmers in Ghana.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2019: 25th February – 10th March

Fairtrade Fortnight  25th February – 10th March

Raise the Bar in Cocoa!

She deserves a living income

In spite of producing the raw ingredient for one of our favourite treats – chocolate – the vast majority of cocoa producers fail to gain a living income from their product and continue to live in poverty as they struggle with volatile markets, climate change, and a poor return that means they are unable to invest in their farms.

Fairtrade Fortnight this year sees the launch of a 3-year campaign to improve the lives of cocoa farmers and particularly women working in the sector.

“Making a living from Cocoa in Ghana”

Find out more from local Fairtrader Karen Downard as she shares her experiences of visiting cocoa farmers in Ghana

Saturday 9th March

Coffee Morning: 9.45 – 12.15
Cocoa Talk: 11.20

Cheshire Suite, Macclesfield Library

With the support of Hope in NE Cheshire and the Co-op Food

Annual School’s Fairtrade Poster Display

25th February – 9th March

in the Gallery, Macclesfield  Library


Fairtrade imagery at St Michael’s Church

Macclesfield has successfully renewed Fairtrade Town status for two years, following its ongoing commitment to promoting Fairtrade principles.

Macclesfield’s Fairtrade Steering Group revealed its plans to promote Fairtrade to more community groups and businesses in the area by taking part in campaigns, including the UK-wide Fairtrade Fortnight at the end of February.


Sainsbury’s – Don’t Ditch Fairtrade

On Tuesday 24th October members of Macclesfield Fairtrade Town Group met with Sainsbury’s local store manager to present him with a letter signed by many Macclesfield Fairtrade supporters expressing their concern about Sainsbury’s recent move to drop the Fairtrade certification from their Red Label tea replacing it with their own “Fairly Traded” scheme.



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Tea in the news

Dire standards in the tea industry
Last week the World Bank confirmed standards in the industry remain dire as it published a report on the second biggest tea producer in India, a company almost 50% controlled by Tata, the giant Indian multinational that owns the Tetley Tea brand.
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– and send an email to your favourite brand to let them know that you care about tea workers’ working and living conditions.