Our history

Here’s a brief timeline of our milestones over the years:


2001 Several of us shared the desire to raise awareness of Fairtrade and related issues of global trade justice in our home town, so we formed Macclesfield Fairtrade Town Group.Ever since then, we’ve been drawing together members from lots of different places. Our members include people from Macclesfield’s churches, the local Global Justice Now Group, the local Justice and Peace Group, Traidcraft, Cheshire East Council, and M4C/Anthesis. Fancy joining us too?
Feb 2003 Macclesfield Borough Council passed a resolution in support of Fairtrade, ‘Macclesfield Borough Council supports the concept of Fairtrade and agrees wherever possible to use Fairtrade products in its offices’.Fairtrade beverages were used in Council meetings and available through vending machines. Fairtrade was also included in procurement policies.
March 2006 Macclesfield attained Fairtrade Town Status! We got this by providing evidence to the Fairtrade Foundation that there was sufficient support for Fairtrade in Macclesfield, shown by us fulfilling five goals.
March 2006  We were lucky enough to receive a visit from Shailesh Patel, a cotton grower from India; he shared his first hand experiences of the benefits of Fairtrade with us. Click here to find out more about Fairtrade cotton production.Shailesh - pic1Shailesh, a cotton farmer from India. You can read more about Shailesh here.
2009 Cheshire East Council (which replaced Macclesfield Borough Council) passed a resolution in support of Fairtrade.
March 2013 Our luck was in again when our town had a visit from Gerardo, a coffee farmer from Costa Rica, who also shared his Fairtrade experiences with us. Click here to find out more about Fairtrade coffee production.Cllr and GerardoGerardo, a coffee farmer from Costa Rica, and Councillor Alift Harewood. You can read more about Gerardo here.
Every two years We renew our Fairtrade Town status by proving that we’re still doing all the right things. This also gives us a great reason to create an action plan, detailing what we want to achieve over the next two years.
Year on year We continue to raise awareness of Fairtrade, especially during Fairtrade Fortnight. Have a look at what we’ve got planned next.
Now Our Working Group meets every two months; we plan activities and events for our town and then put these plans into action for everyone to enjoy.We’ve recently set up a Steering Group again too which meets twice a year; members provide welcome viewpoints from diverse parts of our town’s community, so that we can make sure the Fairtrade campaign in Macclesfield continues to grow.If you think you’d like to find out more about joining our Working or Steering Group, please get in touch.


Proud to be a Fairtrade Town