Our goals and progress

Our overarching goal is to continue to raise awareness of Fairtrade and the positive impact it has around the world.

To achieve this, we have more specific goals which together form our action plan for the next two years. These goals are similar to those in any other town wishing to keep its Fairtrade status. We will review them in 2019.

NutsSome of our supporters who are nuts about Fairtrade!


Our five goals:

  1. To secure ongoing support from our local authority, Cheshire East Council, so that they continue to use Fairtrade products in the Town Hall and all other council-run premises.

Progress to date: Fairtrade drinks are used at Council premises in Macclesfield and Sandbach (05/01/2015)

  1. To have a range of at least four Fairtrade products that are readily available in retail and catering outlets around our town.

Progress to date: Macclesfield has a range of businesses stocking and selling Fairtrade products, but we’re working on compiling a comprehensive list.

  1. To continue to encourage local workplaces, schools, colleges, and faith and community organisations to support Fairtrade and use Fairtrade products whenever possible.

Progress to date:

Schools: 2 schools are currently certified as Fairtrade Schools. All primary schools are being encouraged to participate in Fairtrade Fortnight through the art display, and a small number through additional Fairtrade sessions.

Churches: 3 certified as Fairtrade with 1 more in progresss. In addition to this, many churches are using Fairtrade products regularly as a matter of policy.

  1. To continue to raise awareness and understanding of Fairtrade and our Fairtrade Town status in Macclesfield, for example through media coverage and events.

Progress to date: setting up this website means that we’re definitely making progress towards this goal!

  1. To form a Steering Group to ensure that the Fairtrade Town campaign continues to develop.

Progress to date: we have formed a Steering Group. Click here to see who’s on it.


More of our avid Fairtrade supporters, who went bananas at the Barnaby Parade, 2013

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