Traidcraft suppliers

Traidcraft was the first UK organisation committed to fighting poverty through fair trade and has been working tirelessly since 1979 on two fronts. The first of these,‘Traidcraft Exchange’, is a charity which identifies opportunities to support disadvantaged farmers and craftspeople in the developing world and helps them facilitate their escape from poverty; this is done through establishing co-operatives to achieve economies of scale, as well as through technical and marketing support.

The second front has been through Traidcraft plc buying and selling produce at a fair price. However due to a very difficult retail background including the drop in the value of the pound and a commitment to pay agreed prices to producers Traidcraft plc is to cease trading in its current form at the end of December. Whether it can continue as a smaller operation is currently under negotiation. We will post more new when as it becomes available.

For the response by Traidcraft Exchange to these circumstances please go to

A colourful Traidcraft stall at Puss Bank Primary School’s summer fair, July 2014.

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