Traidcraft suppliers

Traidcraft was the first UK organisation committed to fighting poverty through fair trade.  It has been working tirelessly for 35 years now on two fronts;  the first of these, ‘Traidcraft Exchange’, is a charity which identifies opportunities to support disadvantaged farmers and craftspeople in the developing world and helps them facilitate their escape from poverty; this is done through establishing co-operatives to achieve economies of scale, as well as through technical and marketing support, and through the guarantee of a fair price for the products they sell.  Over and above the price paid, Traidcraft will provide start-up capital and pay a premium to the local community. For example, this could be anything from funding a borehole to providing educational assistance.  And the second front Traidcraft takes is through their shop selling food, gifts and stationery items, raising a profit to help to fund these charitable commitments.

fairrtrade stall colourA colourful Traidcraft stall at Puss Bank Primary School’s summer fair, July 2014.

In Macclesfield, we have local suppliers stocking a range of Traidcraft items, including many food items and a more limited selection of gifts and crafts. However, if you’d like to order any items they don’t currently have in stock, they are always happy to order them on your behalf from  Traidcraft, and can usually offer delivery within a week (saving you the delivery charges too!).

Our suppliers are also available to help raise awareness of what Fairtrade is. This could be through presentations to interested organisations – particularly schools, where we have five years of experience – and also taking part in community events such as fêtes and markets.

If you want to get in touch with our local suppliers in Macclesfield, please contact:

Interested in finding out more about Traidcraft? Visit their corporate website here.

Or why not have a browse around Traidcraft’s online shop?

Stall steve familySome of our local Traidcraft suppliers (Steve and Jane Clare, and their granddaughter Anya) at the same event. Puss Bank is Macclesfield’s only registered Fairtrade Primary School.

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