What Fairtrade means

Fairtrade is an alternative way of trading that tackles poverty and enables sustainable development. It empowers producer communities through a fair price for their product, covering the cost of sustainable production and an additional premium for investment in product or community development.

For more information about what Fairtrade actually means, click here to have a look at what the Fairtrade Foundation says


And how does Fairtrade fit in the market?

Heard of Fairtrade, Organic, Rainforest Alliance and Utz Certified and confused about what they all mean?!

Here’s a useful summary of ethical labels, particularly in relation in the tea industry, written by Ethical Consumer.


And what is a Fairtrade Town?

Find out about what it means to be a Fairtrade Town.


Kontaani MayorCoffee farmer Gerardo and a former Mayor joined in with the Kontaani Drumming Group’s performance on Marketplace


Proud to be a Fairtrade Town